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Online Classes & 1-2-1 Appointments

Mindful Yoga

Real yoga for real people. Mindful Yoga teaches us how to move safely and enjoyably, often in time with our breath. Movements and postures (Asanas) are taught with a range of levels so you can always find you own challenge and work at your own pace. There is no competition - we simply tune into ourselves.

“Many thanks for the class this morning. Isolation became a lot less isolated! The class was calming and refreshing... thanks for brightening the day" Anne 

Everyone is welcome and no experience is required. Young or old, agile or stiff, yoga helps you to be the best version of yourself. We offer both reviving and relaxing classes. So, stimulate your body, calm your heart and relax that brain!

Meditation & Movement

Men and women of all ages, abilities and spiritual beliefs are welcome to join this friendly, relaxing class.  You don't need to have any experience with mindfulness, meditation or the peaceful Chi Gong movements to enjoy and benefit from this course.

"Zoe is a warm, inclusive and passionate teacher. It has helped me enormously with coping with anxiety. I feel back in control! Come and join us." Shirley

Practice how to do less and be more; be more aware, more accepting, more compassionate; kinder to yourself and others. Learn how to let go of physical, mental and emotional tension and stay with yourself in the present moment. You'll soon feel the benefits :-)


Would you like some advice about how to improve your health and happiness with your diet?

Are you wanting to try a guided detox to clean and strengthen your digestive system? Or reset your metabolism to maximise your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing?

Are you taking nutritional supplements and want to know if they are the best available?

Our professional German chef, with over 30 years of experience, is here to help you.


Shiatsu is a highly respected holistic therapy, which originated thousands of years ago in Japan. It combines the ancient wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with modern understanding of the human body from current research on health, physiology and psychology. Shiatsu is sometimes described as "Acupuncture without needles" and it does use all of the same points and channels (meridians) of energy, but it also involves much more.


Learn how to treat yourself with this enjoyable and highly therapeutic  body work with Guided Shiatsu. Or simply relax and enjoy the many benefits of a deeply calming Distant Shiatsu treatment.

Why is Piries' Soul Food good for you?

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What people say

"I can't recommend Zoe's Mindful Yoga Class highly enough. It is energising whilst being relaxing and thoroughly enjoyable. All ages and abilities are welcomed by Zoe who is a fantastic teacher.​

If you have never tried Yoga before, 

don't hesitate, book yourself a place, you won't regret it."

- Sue

"All of Zoe's classes are great, she is a super teacher. Her Meditation & Movement is unique as she perfectly combines meditation with a mindful practise.


You get to experience sessions of seated Meditation and sessions of Qi Gong Movement (like Tai Chi). This I find to be a very good and most beneficial experience." 

- Kevin

"Thank you so much for an amazing shiatsu massage today. Not only was I pain free but also I’ve never felt so relaxed and energised!

Anyone wanting to experience a miracle, I strongly suggest that you visit this lady!"

- C. B.

1-2-1 Shiatsus currently being offered as Guided Self Shiatsu or Distance Shiatsu Treatments - just as powerful as face-to-face

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