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"Zoe’s class is ‘blissful’! I really look forward each week to stretching tired limbs and relaxing my mind and body. The pace is just right too, as Zoe manages to create the perfect balance between exercise and relaxation. It’s a guilt free escape from the riggers of everyday life." Lee

“Thank you again for the Mindful Yoga session this morning.  It was great to be able to join this course from the comfort of my own home.  Looking forward to next week already!” Cath


Mindful Yoga teaches us how to move safely and enjoyably, often in time with our breath. Movements and postures (Asanas) are taught with a range of levels so you can always find you own challenge and work at your own pace. There is no competition - we simply tune into ourselves. Each course is suitable for women and men of all ages, ability and spiritual beliefs. There are two new 30 minute sessions each week of Mindful Yoga Revive and Relax.

Mindful Yoga helps to improve vitality, muscle tone, posture, balance, digestion, sleeping habits, hormonal issues, breathing, coordination, concentration and can offer a deep sense of inner calmness. It's also fun! Feel free to practice the reenergising and relaxing movements whenever and wherever suits you, 


"I have attended Zoe's Mindful Yoga classes and I am enjoying them immensely. Zoe facilitates time that is just for me. I find it so relaxing and feel great afterwards. One of the things I really like is that Zoe does not push you to do anything. It's whatever feels comfortable - no pressure. Be good to yourself and book on to the course." Tracy 

Each class balances effort and ease with a focus on improving your core strength and flexibility while deepening the connection you have to yourself. You will learn many movements and techniques to help you integrate your body, mind and heart in the present. It's when you're not distracted by memories from the past or concerned about imaginations of the future, that true healing can happen.


In a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, you will learn yoga postures (Asanas); breathing techniques (Pranayama); simple Chi Gong movements and short meditations that you can easily practise at home. 

"This class has been invaluable for my mental health. Zoe brings many years of experience, reassurance and confidence with clear easy to follow instruction, reinforcing all the time for everyone to practice at their own level, we are all different and that is fine, be kind to yourself and listen to your body. I leave feeling lighter in body and mind, refreshed, relaxed, recharged, more self-confident and have the best night’s sleep of the week. And now, via her easy to follow website, I`m practising daily.  Win Win Win! In Zoë's words, stay safe and wonderful everyone and keep practising." Karen 

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